Philippines Most Popular Valentine's day Flowers

What's the big deal about flowers on Valentine's Day? Flowers' language helps people show how much they care about their loved ones. Every kind of flower has its hidden meaningful message from the sender. Especially for roses, it means real love, enthusiasm, willingness, and romance. With a rose bloom, you can say "I love you" in a very strong and magical way. Roses have been a big part of Valentine's Day for a long time. That's why February 14th is prime time for sending those warm and fuzzy messages to the people you care about.

Finding the right flowers for Valentine’s Day

Whenever it concerns valentine day flower delivery, selecting the appropriate flowers for Valentine's Day may be a choice that can be very crucial. Your flower selection should reflect your taste, budget, and event spirit. Roses are a prevalent Valentine's Day gift because they are usually cheap and easy to find. There are many additional kinds of flowers, each of which has the potential to produce stunning flower arrangements, whether it be a bouquet or a plant. There are flowers for every occasion: lilies for romance, tulips for grace, and peonies for celebration. You can shop by floral type to locate the ideal match if you know what you want.


Which Valentine's day Flowers are on the list?

Valentine’s Roses

Roses are the top choice for lovers, which doesn't come as a surprise. CNN said that 51% of people purchase red roses for Valentine Day, which makes sense since they smell great and are symbols of love, passion, and elegance. If you believe a coloration would be better for your sweetheart, you don't have to choose red. There are more than 150 different types of roses, so you should be able to choose a selection that is well suited for your valentine among those options.


These playful, ruffled flowers are almost as popular as roses. That is likely because they look pretty and don't cost much. Carnations have been linked to attraction, which makes them a great choice for a new relationship. Also, there are many shades to select from, allowing you to discover one that fits your Valentine's personality and appearance. Carnations are one of the cut flowers that stay the longest, which is an extra plus.

Valentine’s Lilies

Lilies are the perfect flower for a classy person, regardless of their color (pink, white, orange, or red). You will not be disappointed with any lily. However, lilies are a dramatic choice that will please someone with advanced tastes. Also, these Oriental white lilies smell amazing.


Alstroemeria is another prevalent flower for this holiday. It is also called the Peruvian Lily or the Lily of the Incas. These buds are also good for a bouquet because they look good with other flowers, like pink and red roses and lavender wax flowers. Not only do alstroemeria have exquisite and captivating petals, but they also have one of the longest vase lives of any cut flowers. Also, they can mean loyalty, so they're a great way to show that special someone how much you love them forever. Alstroemeria also has numerous flowers on each stem, so they can help fill out a bunch of flowers and make it appear more luxurious and full.

Valentine’s Tulips

Tulips are a classic option for a Valentine's Day gift because of their low cost and long-lasting beauty, even if they don't have the most elaborate look. Even though these flowers don't look too complicated, they come in almost every color, so you can find one that fits your sweetheart's personality. But it's important to know that in the Victorian language of flowers, red tulips mean "I love you," so they might be the best choice for this holiday.


For many years, tulips have been a popular choice for Valentine's Day. One reason is that they are easy to recognize, which gives a sense of comfort. Plus, they are very cheap, so you can give them to your Valentine no matter how much money you have. Tulips are tough flowers that can grow even after being cut and put in water. They maintain their beauty for longer than other cut flowers so that they might symbolize your everlasting affection for a special someone.