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The project aimed to investigate Algeria's organizational and technical state of protected horticulture. The objective was also to reach a final design in collaboration with Dutch and Algerian stakeholders that can be constructed with assistance from local partners. The actual situation of 2 regions protected horticulture; two horticultural areas stood out, the Algiers representing the Mediterranean. Biskra stands in for the tractor-trailer region south of the Rif mountains and the coastal zone. Biskra gets around 15% extra. Therefore, the potential yield of Algeria is about 50% larger than that of The Netherlands and about 50% lighter than Algiers. The plants get stressed when the relative humidity is either excessively low or too high simultaneously or susceptibility to infections and plagues. High humidity is significantly greater around Algiers as compared to Biskra. Several cultivation practices might be used to boost production even more. It is essential to shift to rainwater employed for soilless growth on a local, affordable substrate with excellent properties. The use of an older plant to be transferred inside and planted in the greenhouse Other factors to increase production include permitting one crop to be maintained each season indefinitely—seasonal change very quickly in economics.

All outcomes mentioned were about both the Algiers and Biskra regions. Algeria imports a few greenhouse vegetables, which primarily supports its 1.2 billion home market. Most shipments are handled through wholesale channels. There appear to be limited sorting, grading, refrigeration, and packing options. The following factors need to be considered to raise costs, especially for a product from an improved greenhouse to be increased to prolong the shelf life of the produce. In Algeria, the post-harvest and marketing environment for greenhouse vegetable products is still in progress. Grouping and grading are done discreetly, the packaging is typically straightforward, and products are refrigerated from grower level to retail. Consumer-level rarely occurs. Grading, packing, refrigeration, product diversification, and export are just a few alternatives for Algerian growers to strengthen their position in the market.


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COMMON COLEUS - a plant with a variety of leaf forms and colors. This plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia and utilized in many cultures as an ayurvedic remedy. The Mexican Mazatec people use common coleus as a drug. This plant is considered invasive in Cuba.


WINE GRAPE - A woody, fruit-bearing vine called (Vitis vinifera) has a long and checkered past of cultivation for ceremonial, recreational, and culinary uses, most notably in the production of wine. According to carbon dating, the oldest evidence of domesticated wine grapes has been found in Georgia. The fruit of the wine grape is consumed in the form of grapes, raisins, and currants in addition to wine.


LAMBSQUARTERS – also called pigweed, goosefoot, and bacon weed. Many consider this plant an obtrusive weed because it appears to grow out of nowhere. On the contrary hand, the plant's edible, nutrient-rich greens may be prepared identically to spinach and are edible.


The evergreen succulent species ALOE VERA is indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula. The giant leaves are packed with gooey flesh, providing a water reservoir for the soil's organic desert environment. Aloe vera has gained popularity as a houseplant and is used in various cosmetic and skin care products.


The common fig, or FICUS CARICA, is a smallish deciduous tree or shrub commonly known for its sweet, chewy figs. This shrubby plant has already been cultivated significantly, much longer. 


The GOLDEN PHOTOS is a well-liked flowering houseplant in Australia, Asia, and the West Indies. Because it is so difficult to remove and can grow in the dark, it has numerous nicknames, including "devil's ivy." Because of its hazardous secretion, and must be kept away from children and pets.


A succulent plant native to South Africa is called BABY SUN ROSE. Baby sun roses are mostly grown as an ornamental plants in gardens and urban areas. This species is commonly used as ground cover in flower boxes and public regions since it grows fast. Growing in the same area as weeds, it easily outcompetes rivals by cutting reproduction.


OLIVE is an evergreen tree or shrub with important agricultural significance, especially in the Mediterranean. Its fruits can be eaten and are commonly used to produce oil. So throughout its long record as a plant, the olive has taken on several symbolic significance. The olive branch, a symbol of peace and grandeur, is the most common.


OLEANDER also known as Nerium oleander, is a shrub or small tree prized for its imposing pink, five-lobed flowers and lance-shaped, dark-green leaves. Keep kids and animals away from oleander since it is among the most dangerous ornamental garden plants.