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Sangrai festival in Bangladesh, The Marma and Rakhine ethnic communities in Bangladesh celebrate their New Year from April 13 to 15 each year. This festival is known as Sangrai (English- Year Changes). However, it is one of the Marmas' primary traditional celebrations. Pangchowai flower, only one night of "Paanchowai," is used for house decoration and Buddha worship. Despite the abundance of flowers in the highlands, some of them are utilized to decorate homes. The flower known as "Sangrai Paing," which is cloud-colored, is the most well-known of these. On the day following, Paanchhoai, everyone mostly employs this flower as the focal point of their home décor. The Marma youth are mostly accountable for picking the flower. Youths from the Marma community plan a variety of events for "Paanchowai" night. Making cakes takes up a lot of late nights, and some individuals organize Marmas games all night long. Some even put together classic Marma tunes and dances. Basically, Marma youths use a variety of strategies to stay up all night. They went to the mountains in groups, picked up Sangrai Paing, and gave it to their mother after the coming of the final night or before sunrise. In the morning, Ginnis uses a needle and thread to decorate the flowers. First, flowers are used to decorate all of the doors to houses and to worship the Lord Buddha. It is clear that Sangrai, or the New Year, has begun because of the flowers that have been placed on the front entrance of the house. Not only young people but also young Marma boys and girls are interested in this Paanchhoai. However, taking them to the mountains is very risky, as the elders always prevent the little boys and girls from going to the mountains for fear of the Frujuma (Marma witch).

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Nowadays, Valentine's Day is observed throughout the world, including Bangladesh. Since 1960, Valentine's Day has gained popularity in Bangladesh. People exchange love notes, flowers, chocolates, and presents on this day, especially young people.[ However, the conservative society of the nation considers the celebration of this day to be an unbiblical tradition and discourages young girls and boys from participating. People are observed making the most of every day by spending it with their beloved ones, especially young people. They are exchanging gifts, flowers, and love notes to show their affection for one another. It is after Pahela Falgun, the first day of spring, and the florists have busy days around Valentine's Day. With a wide variety of gift items for their customers who go on a spending spree for tokens of appreciation numerous gift shops also attempted to increase their business on this occasion.    Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a long-standing tradition in Europe that dates back to the Roman era. This day has been observed around Asia, including Bangladesh, for the past 20 years as a result of globalization. Common flowers in Bangladesh. The first one is the rose, the rose is the reigning floral queen. It is recognized for both its beauty and fragrance.  Typically, anybody can find it in a garden. Although it comes in a variety of colors, the red rose is the most exquisite and fragrant. Because of their lovely appearance and pleasant scent, roses are loved by all. The sunflower, sunflower has stunning visual charm. The sunflower is beautiful. They are observed in many locations. Lotus, The lotus is yet another popular flower. It grows on both land and water and is adored for its beauty and scent. Hasnahena is another flower with a sweet aroma. It only emits its odor at night. The Marigold, Marigold is extremely attractive. It smells good and is beautiful. In the spring, it adorns our garden. Krishnochura, This tropical flower blooms primarily in the summer. Because of its attractive look and excellent red color, this flower is well-liked. Seasonal Flowers of Bangladesh, The Sheoli flower is the flower of autumn. Sheoli size is small but its white color looks very charming.