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Colombia, which has a strong indigenous influence and certain African cultures, has a mixed culture as a result of the period of its conquest by the Spanish, including Spanish traditions or dishes with modifications.
It is nationally recognized for the variety of its languages, architecture, handicrafts, plastic arts, literature, and music. It is known as a tourist destination and a tropical draw for the majority of people who have the chance to travel to this stunning nation. The selection of national symbols is extremely important. They are the defining characteristics of every nation and civilization. The orchid stands out, particularly in Colombia's specific fauna and flora. Since 1936, this flower, with unusual shades in variations of purple and white, has been recognized as the national flower of Colombia. The orchid plant, distinguished by its diverse colors, was originally identified in 1731 when one of its numerous tropical varieties bloomed in Charles Wager's botanical garden. This flower is a perfect illustration of Colombian flowers' beauty. The cattleyaTrianae is Colombia's national flower. Christmas Orchid is a native from Columbia, a tropical shrub orchid with lavender and white flowers with light green leaves. Cattleya Trinae is a huge, hot-to-cool growing plant rising in each of Colombia's three cordilleras. It has narrowly clavate, rounded, shining golden orange, and notched leaves. It blooms on a terminal in the winter. This plant grows in the branches of large jungle trees. The species carries Jose Jeronimo Triana's name, a botanist from Colombia who lived in the 19th century. The loss of habitat has led to the species' listing as endangered. These plants require fast-draining soil, high humidity levels, specialized lighting, and high temperatures. Cattleya, on the other hand, are among the easiest orchids to cultivate, and the result is a gorgeous, fragrant flower. Cattleya's yellow, blue, and red lip, which resembles the colors of the Colombian flag, led to its selection as the country's national flower.
The leaves of Christmas orchids will be lime green when the light levels are perfect, and they grow best in direct, bright light. A dark leaf means there is not enough sunshine. Most plants require 5,000 FC of light intensity to bloom consistently, which can be achieved by placing them in a south-facing window. It needs accessible rooting organic potting soil for indoor plants to allow water and air circulation. Between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit are tolerable for the plants, while they prefer greater moisture levels. You can add humidity by putting a cup full of light pebbles under the plant. The cup should always have a small quantity of water, but it should never be submerged. Once every week, mature plants require watering.

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Colombia is lucky to have extraordinary biodiversity, including more than 1,400 kinds of Colombian flowers.
Colombia has developed into one of the world's major flower exporters due to its diverse landscapes and tropical characteristics, as many countries desire a portion of their exquisite, unique flora. There is a wide variety to pick from due to the abundant supply of the world's second-highest plant. You will find Colombia's most well-known, distinctive, and beautiful flowers in this list. First, Colombia's national flower is the Cattleya Trianae Orchid. Also called the Colombian orchid or the Mayflower. Colombian Cayenne, In Colombia, there are over 150 species of this cayenne pepper, all of which vary in size and color. The aromatic scents and vibrant red or yellow color of the Cayenne plant make it popular. The cayenne plants produce unique, brightly colored flowers with six symmetric petals and a projecting stem that stands out from the plant.
The flower on this listing which is the most beautiful is the Victoria Amazonica. The Victoria Amazonica is the largest member of the water lily family and fills rivers and lakes in the Amazon with many lovely colors. The flower blooms daily and bursts into stunning multi-layered colorful petals that are either yellow, purple, or white. They open at sunrise. One of Colombia's wonderfully unusual flowers is the ginger shampoo plant, which can grow up to 2 meters high. Flowers in the form of vivid-colored pinecones are perched at the summit of long, sturdy stalks. The shampoo flower gradually transforms from its initial waxy green color to a deep shade of red as it grows. Ginger shampoo gets its name from the flower's ability to produce bubbles resembling those in shampoo. The bubbles can aid in hair repair and dandruff prevention. South Joaquin, San Joaquin, is a little rose bush that can reach a height of around five meters. Its five petals, which are huge and vivid, differ greatly in color. The color of this plant ranges from red to pink to orange to white to yellow. The flower, which also makes a lovely decoration for a special event, is supposed to taste like spinach. Columbian Rose, The Colombian rose is cultivated in fertile soils with warm daytime temperatures and cool nights. Like many other cultures, the rose is regarded as a romantic image of love, adoration, and unadulterated emotions in Colombia. Roses are prickly-stemmed climbing plants with a spherical flower head encircled by symmetric layers of beautiful petals. Although red roses are the most common color, they can also be grown in other colors like yellow, orange, pink, white, and blue. Heliconia, The heliconia plant needs four months to begin flowering after planting. Heliconia is a perennial plant that can grow to 90–120 cm tall. They are in high demand worldwide due to their unusual color, unique shapes, and prolonged lifespan. They can be cultivated in milder areas between February and November and are often purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, or green. Heliconia is said to keep you younger and lovely in Colombia. Geranium, It's excellent that geraniums may be grown wherever in the world because they provide wonderful sweet, floral fragrances and natural beauty. They make excellent exterior decorations or flower beds because they are tough blooms. Each bloom, which comes in shades of orange, purple, orange, red, and white, has equally sized. They are the ideal flower for a stylish, colorful garden. The geranium also represents warmth and comfort. Carnations have unusual petals that produce a strong sweet aroma like honey. The flower stands out in any garden thanks to the lovely variety of colors they show, including pink, purple, white, and red. The flower often blooms with just one color, but it might have two. While tulips are not native to Columbia, it is still the largest exporter of them. Carnations are simple flowers to grow at home and are considered charming flowers full of love and happiness.