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ITALY HORTICULTURE. Italy is the fourth-largest flower market and the second-largest producer of flowers in Europe. Flower businesses are very popular in Italy as they can source flowers worldwide, including in the Philippines and Japan.

Roses and Orchids are the flowers used for arrangements, especially at weddings in Italy. They sell flowers mostly in traditional florists and market stalls. This country also grows roses and sells these along with carnations which are popular in the United Kingdom, Austria, and Switzerland. Italians make great money in cutting flowers and exporting to the world market.

Italian horticulture gets the interest of global markets, and their products are exported on a bigger scale. The value of the flower industry has grown again. Buyers from many countries increased in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. Italian export reached almost the sum of 884 million euros in Italian products only. The Romans invented the grafting of roses. Today, roses are imported to Italy from Kenya, Colombia and India, and these countries are also advanced in marketing and logistics in floriculture. Italy’s ornamental also changed due to economic crises and lack of managerial preparation. Even cut flowers suffered the most, heavily impacting the reduced land for cultivation. With poor profits, small companies have changed to producing vegetables since, during a pandemic, food is the most necessary rather than flowers. The leading regions in Italy for cut flowers are Liguria, Tuscany, Campania, Puglia and Sicily.

Potted plant production is still stable in production as well as bedding plants. Pot plans called “Mediterranean plants” in Italy. Italian export goes to France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Horticulture is the industry hit by pandemic but also has a good resilience increase in the export produced by Itay.




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You can often see a floral display around their cities and towns. Roses, Lilies, and Sunflowers are some common flowers in Italy.
White Lily is a national flower associated with Virgin Mary and Holy Family. It has been the national symbol of Italy since the 19th century. It also means purity and innocence.
Yellow Lily is for joy. Chastity for White Lily and Orange Lily for passion.
Marigold seeds are wildflowers and ornamental plants.
Peonies always use in Italian gardens. May species of them grow wild in Europe.
Chrysanthemums are well-known as funeral flowers in Italy. They were mostly during October, as it typically means death in Italy.
Primula di Palinuro is an Italian plant found between Campania and Calabria. It is a primrose with yellow flowers and a huge shrub with showy white flowers that grows between Lazio and Campania.
Periwinkle is known for its bright eyes. It has many species, such as Cape Periwinkle, Madagascar Periwinkle, and Rose Periwinkle. Periwinkles grow outside and indoors, perfect in a pot or hanging baskets. It means faith, trust, and everlasting love. In Christianity, the periwinkle flower means innocence and purity. It also means new beginnings of friendships. Some Italians thought that periwinkle brings luck to the marriage. Italians use it as a mouth rinse to lessen the pain of canker sores. It can relieve inflammation.
Honeysuckle is a vine frequently visited by butterflies, bees, and birds. This beautiful wall plant attracts wildlife into ornamental gardens. Its sturdy stems use in the construction of fences.
Oleanders are pink, white, red, and purple color varieties. It is grown in subtropical areas worldwide. They are shrubs and small trees and are good for the home garden. It is easy to take care of.
Bougainvillea is a unique and lovely flower. It is thorny vines, and trees sometimes cover a gate or wall that may attract someone’s attention. Sometimes the color is yellow, pink, peach, blue, and yellow.
Jasmine is a shrub or vine with 200 plus species in warm-temperature regions. These lovely white flowers and has fragrance. You can put it in your garden or your room.
The crocus is a famous flower in Italy. These are cute cup-shaped flowers of spice. Its leaves are grass look-a-like.
Cyclamen are purple flowers and are mostly eaten by pigs. It is also known as swinebread or sowbread flower. Its leaves, roots, and flowers grow in a tuber. Their flowers have panels like butterfly wings with dark color; it has many species and is one of the most lovely flowers for Italians.
Bluebell plants form the bulb. It is bell-shaped and blue-violet. 
Violet or also known as Viola, is a small plant like a wild plant. These are small and super cute, and very easy to care for. It is heart-shaped petals as well.
Alpine Anemone has a hairy texture and drops pretty flowers in Italy. Alpine will attract everyone because of its presence and if you plant it in your garden. The colors are blue and white.
Gentiana Verna, also known as Spring Gentiana, is found during spring and early summer. It looks like stars twinkling in the sky because of its vivid blue with white color.
Guilegia means eagle, as its petals look like an eagle's claw. These flowers are edible and provide food for insects and butterflies.
Aster Alpinus looks like a sunflower. They are sometimes called Alpine Aster. The colors are blue, lavender, white, and pink. These flowers attract bees and humans.