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Twelve different flowers were historically considered to be Myanmar's seasonal and festival flowers. Two of these, the Paduak and the Thazin, are recognized as the national flower of Myanmar.Thazin (Myanmar Orchid)
Among Myanmar's wild orchids, the tazin is the blossom most desired and admired. A little, bright-green, pear-shaped gives rise to beautiful sprays of tiny white flowers on this plant in bloom. It is traditionally considered the flower of November (the 9th month of the Myanmar lunar calendar corresponds to December). It is now regarded as another national flower of Myanmar.
Thazin is a favorite among Myanmar women to decorate their hairstyles. A total of 55 women's hairstyles were recorded in literature and fresco paintings during the extensive Bagan Period, which lasted more than three centuries. Elegant Thazin shots are suitable for any era's hairstyle. Additionally, Thazin flowers have a delicate scent. When you see a Myanmar girl get married or engage in an ear-piercing ceremony, you will notice that her hairstyle is delicately adorned with Thazin flowers.
When Myanmar was a monarchy, the tazin flower was among the royal flowers. Only the royal family was entitled to wear it since it was so unusual. The special ambassadors had to travel far into the Rakhine Yoma mountain peaks to collect a few of these orchids for ceremonial use. Although it is now simple to grow using bulbs gathered from the jungles, it is still a costly flower.

Padauk (Myanmar rosewood blossom)

The Padauk, often referred to as the Thingyan flower, is Myanmar's preferred national flower. After the first rainfall in April, the Padauk blooms in tiny, fragrant yellow-gold flowers that correspond with the Thingyan and Myanmar New Year Festivals. The entire tree becomes gold within the night once it blooms.
The Padauk plays a significant part in Burmese culture. The first month of the traditional lunar calendar of Burma begins in mid-April. Therefore, it has a tight connection to the New Year's Festival. During the event, Padauk symbolism may be seen all around, in large cities like Yangon or Mandalay, as well as various smaller cities, villages, and towns. All public areas, homes, temples, and even cars are adorned with flowers.
Women adore wearing lengthy necklaces made of padauk blossoms or placing them in their hair. Every house will offer the first bloom of flowers to Buddha, and when the flowers bloom, send Padauk lovers into a passion. People give their gods presents in the form of flower petals in a silver bowl during the festivities. Travelers are also given flower necklaces as a gesture of friendliness and hospitality. Therefore, this may be why most people consider the Padauk as the national flower.
Additionally, poets and artists both adore it. It is commonly characterized on earthenware as well as stone sculpture. As a result, in Myanmar, the flower has been a part of daily life for a very long time. However, it is frequently confused with the Cassia fistula (Thailand's national flower). During the flowering season, both have thick clusters of yellowish flowers on their trees. The Paduak can sometimes be seen all around the nation, and the tree's wood is often used to make furniture.

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