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Thailand's National Flower is the ratchaphurk. The ratchaphruek was only named as Thailand’s national flower in October 2001. Previously, there had been no such symbol officially associated with the Land of Smiles. The elephant was named the national animal and the Thai pavilion was listed as the national architectural feature at the same time. Although Thailand chose the ratchaphruek as its national flower, and the tree can be seen in many places around the nation, it also flourishes in several other countries across Asia, including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Known locally as the ratchaphruek, the official botanical name of the tree bearing Thailand’s national flower is the Cassia Fistula Linn. The tree might also be called the chaiyaphruek and the actual flower may be referred to as dok koon. The tree is also known as the Golden Shower / Rain Tree because of the vibrant yellow hues of the flowers and the fact that they grow in clusters that seem to tumble from the tree like raindrops. The name ratchaphruek means a royal tree. Each day of the week has  a color connected to it – the King was born on a Monday, and Monday’s color is yellow. Therefore, yellow is the color most  associated with the much-loved and respected late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Part of the reason the ratchaphruek was chosen as Thailand’s national  flower is its bold yellow color. Yellow is associated with Buddhism,  the country’s majority religion. Yellow is also seen as the color of  glory, harmony, and unity. In Thailand, roadsides are often awash in yellow hues between February and May. The ratchaphruek’s flowers start to open at the end of Thailand’s cool season, remaining open throughout the hottest months.

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List of Thailand's Common Native Flowers

This vibrant yellow blossom may be seen everywhere as the national flower of Thailand. Ratchaphruek often develops from its tree in a cascading style. It is said that whoever owns Ratchaphruek or is given it would have tremendous prosperity and luck since "Khoon" means to multiply. This flower is also known as "Dok Khoon" in Thai. Therefore, seize a few of these gorgeous yellow fruits to increase your wealth significantly.

The energizing scent of Thai jasmine may be detected from great distances. With its white color serving as a sign of purity, this flower has been offered to the gods since the dawn of time. Jasmine is a common flower on Thai Mother's Day because it represents desire, love, good wishes, and commitment to the family.

In Thai culture, particularly Buddhism, the Lotus occupies a unique position. Thais choose this flower when they desire to provide a holy gift to monks. Numerous Thai proverbs also refer to the flower. For instance, the expression "Lotus beneath mud" describes someone who is very obstinate and refuses to modify their point of view. It's interesting to note that the popular Thai greeting "Sawasdee" was also designed to resemble the form of the Lotus.

Torch Ginger.
Unbelievably, the bloom of torch ginger, which belongs to the same family as ginger and galangal, is edible. In Bangkok, it isn't easy to locate, but if you go south, many people are quite acquainted with it. Because it is based on a well-known folktale in the manner of Romeo and Juliet, torch ginger is a symbol of eternal love. A Malaysian lady was once waiting for her Thai boyfriend. She wanted to be reborn as a flower that blooms along the fence so she could wait for him eternally when he didn't return. What a tragic tale for a lovely flower.

Despite being one of the most well-liked flowers in the world, some Thai people still see hibiscus as having negative connotations. Before being put to death, a prisoner in the Ayutthaya kingdom had their ear decorated with hibiscus flowers. The initial myth linking this flower to ill luck may have originated in India, where it is customary to present flowers to Maha Kali, the deity of aging and death. But now, the hibiscus has also come to represent grit and tenacity.

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