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TURKEY TULIPS(National Flower of Turkey)
Tulips are often believed to originate in Holland. Tulips are native to Turkey and Central Asia. They were transported from Turkey to Holland in the 16th century when they immediately gained enormous popularity. In Holland nowadays, tulips are grown in vast areas and tremendous quantities. People assume that Dutch bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, are native to the country since they are shipped all over the globe. Many cultivated types were commonly grown in Turkey before being brought to European gardens.

In the 17th century, Holland had a period of "Tulipmania" due to the overabundance of interest in and attractiveness of tulips. Particularly in 1637, bulbs received excellent appreciation, and their costs increased steadily until they reached astonishing levels. Usually, while they were still buried, bulbs were sold per weight. In some instances could be more expensive than a home at the time. The trade was entirely driven by access and demand, and the Dutch government sought in vain to abolish it but was unable to do so. However, the game's conclusion was swift:
A glut of tulips caused prices to fall.
Dealers went bankrupt.
Many individuals lost their investments due to the transaction.
The tulip market imploded.

Tulipa, the flower's scientific name, is derived from the Turkish word "tulbend" or "turban," which describes how the blossom looks. It is regarded as the monarch of bulbs.

Tulips come in variants with early, mid, and late flowering periods. They are available in vivid hues, including white, yellow, pink, red, black, purple, orange, and bi-colors. There are also a ton of blended colors to choose from. Anemon is the name of a distinctive breed from Manisa. In Istanbul, there is a "Tulip Festival" in April.

It would be best to plant tulips as soon as you buy them in the autumn. However, they may also be made to bloom indoors throughout the winter. Allow the plant to keep growing after it blooms until it eventually dies. The plant supplies energy to the bulb to store for use the following spring during the post-bloom phase.

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Other Turkish Native and Popular Flowers
More than one-third of the over 9000 species that have been identified to date are native to Turkey, with many of them being unique to the planet.

Turkey boasts nearly as many kinds of wildflowers as the whole of Europe combined.Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis), Herbaceous, Snowdrop (Galanthus), Wind Flower (Anemone blanda), Lenten Rose (Hellebores Orientalis), Cyclamen coum, Opium, and Crocus are some of Turkey's well-known natural flowers. The crocus is one of the country's most adored and well-known flowers.

The usage of flowers as an expression in Turkey dates back to the 1600s when they were first employed to communicate coded messages for a variety of reasons. White Callas, Orchids, Roses, Spring Flowers, and Crocus, which is the cutest flower of all, are the most often utilized flowers as presents in Turkey.



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