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ROSE IS THE NATIONAL FLOWER. The rose played an essential role in myth, history, and poetry from ancient times to the present. It symbolizes life and beauty as it grows naturally in North America. Red, pink, white, or yellow has wonderful rich aromas. Even their petals are edible and can be used as medicines. Roses can be found in almost fifty states of the United States, from color white to orange, to red, and some hybrid blues. It became the national flower of the USA in 1986, signed by President Ronald Reagan and passed the Senate and House of Representatives into law as a proclamation while in the rose garden of the White House. America’s leading producer of quality cut flowers and supplying over 75 percent of all domestically grown cut flowers in the United States, while Begonia, Carnations, Dahlia, Gerbera, Pansies, Tulips, and Geranium are the most popular flowers in the USA.

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"THE TOP 10 BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS IN UNITED STATES. ANEMONE – the windflower named after the Greek word “Anemoi,” which means wind. They are one of the favorite gardens in America, and they also keep the garden colorful throughout spring and autumn. It is 15-20 centimeters high, and the color varies from blue-purple white and crimson. Some are double-colored types that are present, which helps to look more gorgeous. IRIS - it means green in rainbow and Greek goddess of the rainbow. They are adapted to drier climates and have a long erect stem that can be branched, circular or flattened, solid or hollow. It also has 3 to 10 basal sword-like leaves of cylindrical shape.
Iris is also an ornamental plant in gardens and some botanical gardens, growing in different kinds of soil. CHRYSANTHEMUMS – are used to beautify gardens, also called mums or chrysanths, originally from Asia and Northeastern Europe. Mums can be in different varieties, such as red, violet, yellow, and white. It is my favorite flower, which starts blooming in the first autumn itself, and my favorite flower in November. Its presence makes a great experience in one’s eyes with its lovely colors that makes one’s heart and days more pleasant. CARNATIONS – also considered the traditional anniversary flower and widely seen in gardens of the United States, famous all over the universe for its unique features. DAHLIA- this flower is related to species of sunflower. It has 42 variants and can grow mostly as garden plants. These can be single or multi-color, and bright colors attract insects for pollination. All shades of Dahlia can grow in the garden except the blue-colored one. DAFFODILS – are beautiful flowers having around fifty species along with hybrid varieties. They are capable even if the climate is moderate; they are yellow and sometimes range from yellow-and-white, yellow-and-orange, white-and-orange, pink-and lime-green. The flower holds a corona in the center which seems like a trumpet. It plays a significant role in the outdoor and indoor gardens during the Christmas season. They beautify the spaces within the shrubs and border places in indoor regions. It is also mentioned as a symbol of friendship and is famous as paperwhites. LILY – an attractive flowering plant that includes trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. They grow from bulbs and are common in Europe, North America, and Asia. There are 100 species in the world and wide varieties. White, yellow, pink, red, and purple petals appear in multiple three. It can grow in forests and mountains, while some can grow in wet grounds. Lilies are part of literature worldwide. It has six stem spreaders and a unique appearance of funnel shape. Their height can be 30 to 120 cm, symbolizing divine beauty and purity. ORCHIDS – exist in all regions of the world. Some species can live in grassland areas. Mostly 22,000 species are available for these attractive plants, also considered as the highly evolved type of plants. They have a simple and unique look and are available in all colors, and the shape is bilaterally symmetric. Orchids in dry conditions hold thick leaves, while warm ones have long, thin leaves. Even a single flower of an orchid can survive up to six months, and orchids are helpful for many works like perfume development, spices, and medicines. TULIPS – are the most popular spring flowers all over the world. This has a unique position next to the rose flower. They came in a variety of colors, heights, and shapes. Some have a sweet fragrance, and the buds are perfectly symmetrical. It belongs to the Lily family; they bloom for about three to seven days during spring. Tulips are the signals for the upcoming springtime, and all flower colors have different meanings. The fall season is the best time to plant tulips in the garden. The Netherlands is the place where a large number of Tulips developed. Its flower has a single stem with two to six leaves and has more than 3,000 varieties. It is one of the best choices on Valentine’s Day and has had a significant role in exports from ancient times. In the United States, tulips are the second-best lovely choice of gorgeous flowers. ROSE is a symbol of love, friendship, passion, and beauty. Suitable in every single occasion, even joy or sorrow. It is from the Latin word Rosa, a flowering shrub with thorny stems, green leaves, and flowers on the tip. Roses have their popularity among every person through the expression of love. It has different colors, such as res, pink, white, yellow, orange, green, blue, black, violet, and lavender which can be used for different occasions. Roses are the most beautiful flower not only in the USA but also in the entire world."