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Yemen has few local flowers available due to the weather in the country. The flower uses are also limited in people's lifestyles. Most of the flowers are imported from different countries, especially from Ethiopia. The local farmers had limited access to flower growing; only a few flower buds in Yemen. Some local flowers very popular with Yemen people are amaryllis, called Zant-Haisi. The coffee flower is beautiful and unique in Yemen. Flower delivery is getting very popular day by day in the country. All big cities have flower store, and there is also online florist accepting online flower and gift delivery. There is no flower store/florist directory website in the country. The best flower store list is here. Yemen flower and floristry news is available here. 

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Flower and gift delivery service in Yemen is in Sanaa, Amanat Alasimah, Al Hudaydah, Al Hudaydah, Taiz, Ta'izz, Mukalla, and Aden. If you walk around the cities in Yemen, You will see flower stores that accept different types of flower delivery and arrangement depending on the occasion. 


The national flower of Yemen is the Coffee Arabica blossom; However, there is no specific flower assigned as a national flower. It has a significant role in flowers and coffee and its uses in all types of occasions around the country. 


Flower culture in Arab is different from any other country in the world. Lately, Arab people have also embraced the flower uses, exceptionally modern world flower, which is a symbol of love, care, respect, trust, friendship, etc. Arab men like to impress their wives by sending flowers and gifts all the time. Yemen is home to various flora and fauna, including frankincense and myrrh trees all over the country.


We have discovered many flower shops selling flowers on Facebook Marketplace and FB page. There is no flower delivery marketplace at the moment in Yemen. Online payment for flower shops and florists is also available in Yemen. The florist eCom community is growing in Yemen.


Flower shops are welcome to join the Local Florist Guide for their online exposure. Local florists and flower stores are small businesses in the country. Still, they play a significant role in people's lives, connecting families and friends in expressing LOVE, care, gratitude, and thank you.


Yemen floristry is growing agriculture of the country. Some initiatives are taken by people too, like sunflower garden with cooperative where the goal is to offer sunflowers for flower needs as well as sunflower seed for sunflower oil in the country.