Flower Market in Dhaka

Published :November 1, 2022 5:21 PM

Throughout human history, flowers have been adored, desired, and treasured. There are several reasons for it, but the one we look for flowers the most frequently is the most basic of all. Flowers are attractive, therefore we seek them out. We frequently become mesmerized by an object's beauty, whether it be native or exotic, and forget that it has a backstory.


Shahbagh Market

If you've ever gotten off a bus in Shahbagh or Shishupark or strolled towards the Shaheed Minar or the Dhaka University Campus, you've probably seen the Shahbagh flower market.

The stores are arranged in a row along the street. Big, little, and even passing ones. This location is difficult to miss without becoming lost in the beauty of it all, with the vivid and noticeable colors of chrysanthemums and marigolds, the finely defined petals of roses, and the seductive aroma of tuberose.


The Shahbagh market is divided into two sections: a wholesale market and a retail market. The retail stores are all that is left after the wholesale market, which is situated on the Shishupark side. The wholesale market opens early, at 4 AM, and runs through 11 AM. However, the remaining portions of the market are generally open around the clock, so whenever you visit, you can pick yourself a stick of tuberose or a bouquet of your choice.


Agargaon Market:-
Agargaon is Dhaka's other wholesale marketplace. The market originally began in 2009 at Khamarbari, where it had success for five years. It was then relocated to Agargaon, and seven years have passed since that time. The marketplace is comparable to Shahbagh's. This market opens rather early as well; in fact, it opens before the Shahbagh market. This market begins preparation at 2 a.m., opens at 3 a.m., and runs until 10 a.m. The retail stores will continue to stay open when the wholesale operation is over.

According to Nur Mohammad, president of Sher E Bangla Ful Chashi O Baboshayi Somobai Samiti, "there is a business of at least Tk 10 lakhs here every day, going as high as Tk 20 lakhs." It's an amazing collection of local and international flowers. You may get them here whether you like gerbera, Chinese roses, lilies, orchids, or lilies. Stepping inside the market will drive you into a frenzy due to the myriad colors and aromas.