Flower price is high during Undas / All Saints' Day 2022 Philippines

Published :November 1, 2022 1:08 PM

"Undas" is a Filipino word that means Dia de Todos Los Santos or All Saints Day is the yearly occasion in the Philippines. The experience of UNDAS called All Saints' Day, is celebrated in the country every corner of the Philippines. Filipino people's tradition is a firm belief all the time.

There are government holidays to celebrate this occasion which is part of the religion, and it's the time to get together all family members once a year. All family members bring food, goods, and flowers to the dead relatives in their cemetery.


How they celebrate this All Saints' Day in the Philippines,

1st the family members will visit the cemetery of the dead relative family member. There are thousands of cemeteries in the country. During this time, the local government will provide impost security and extra police around the cemetery for the safety and security of the people to celebrate this important day.


Most of them will bring a flower to their relatives' burial places. The flower will depend on the family's financial capacity; most of the time, it's white, like Malaysian mums, white roses, etc.


Another part of this occasion is traffic will increase highly due to most of the people visiting their Provinces this week and seeing their families and visiting the cemetery too.


Flower prices will rise this season due to the high demand for white flowers and Malaysian mums. The flower grower knew the calender and increased the price before the season ended.


Most of the flower comes from Baguio, the SOUTH capital of the flower. Baguio is where all types of flowers are grown by all farmers due to high demand throughout the year.


It also observed people sing, drink, and enjoy make parties during this time to recall their dead relatives and celebrate. It's more fun in the Philippines, even during this celebration.