Future of online flower stores in the world.


Future of the Retail Flower Business in the World

Published :November 1, 2022 9:16 PM

When I was studying in college in 2000, I still remember buying flowers meant I had to find physical flowers near a school or a residence. Flowers were just over there, and the local florist was excited to have customers make bouquets, which was great fun for a young lady florist. I choose the floral paper, local flowers, and ribbon, and the florist will create the magical bouquet just in front of me in 5 minutes. I still remember that my first bouquet cost about 9 USD; it was cheap, affordable, and a wonderful experience.

The flower business has had a big revolution because florist was forced to learn the online matter; otherwise, they will be left behind the trend of selling online. In 2003, I saw the first website that sold flowers online in the Philippines. There was no competition, but it was complicated for a flower shop to get an online website and start an online flower business.

Specially marketing was very critical for an online florist. It was easy compared to now, but it wasn't easy to think during 2003 how they would make the website available to Internet users. Some intelligent or clever people took advantage during the time, which was not real florists understanding the business demand, and took action to make it available to the Internet cloud. They were successful for a while because there were no competitors from 2003 until 2009 or 2010.

2010 onward, there was a big revolution in the online flower business. Smart and up-to-date flower store owners take action to build their flower stores in the Internet cloud. Many of them had true success, and also many of them failed due to technology gaps as well as marketing challenges in the online place.

The FACEBOOK marketplace was another revolution for many online flower shops. Since people are connected in social media, they take advantage of selling their flowers on the social media platform creating FB pages, FB groups, Instagram pages, etc.

Google Search engine was also taking a BIG role in the entire online flower shopping market. Many people search for flower delivery on google and find flower stores that can deliver flowers to their recipient location. Most flower shops didn't seem able to capitalize on this marketing due to their knowledge and limitations about the process and what, how, and when issues.

Sending love and sending a gift is an old and practical way to bring happiness in the relationship, and a flower is ONE of the virtual gifts in the world to express our emotions colorfully. I love it, and I noticed that 100% of people around me LOVE it too. It's a universal truth flower that had great demand in the past, and they will have more needs in the Future.

Today people embrace digital life for everything like food delivery, online shopping, traveling, schooling, socializing, finding anything they need, washing clothes, finding animal grooming, baby service, home cleaning service, entertainment, etc. People get busy every day due to the high growth of the economy and the increased demand for lifestyle. But people still connect people sending flowers will be never-ending activities worldwide. Saying I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY is some of the ordinary occasions we face daily.

The flower business's Future is BRIGHT, but the way of doing things will continually change. The online flower business future is a high-growth industry as I see the people embracing it. Many flower stores will get online daily, but finding the best way to handle delivery will be the KEY to success. I believe that the industry is still in a BABY situation there are a lot of opportunities available to the new generation of florists and entrepreneurs in the coming days.

A few things will help the industry to increase. We need to ensure 1) the flower supply chain, 2) Quick delivery, 3) Freshness 4) Local florists few things to take care of by the industry leaders so that the proper growth will observe the overall industry.