Will Flower Dropshipping will help the Florist in the world

Published :November 3, 2022 9:32 AM

Dropshipping is a business model that has existed worldwide for about a hundred years. Mail shopping was already available in old age, similar to the dropshipping concept.

From 2000  dropshipping had a big revolution, especially ALIBABA, eBay, and Amazon, which had significant roles in bringing a functional change in the business process.

Today dropshipping eCommerce is a 5 Trillion USD market size, and it's growing sharply. All types of goods available in Alibaba, amazon, and marketplaces are known to do dropshipping. The especially young generation, who are good at digital marketing, is taking significant advantage of this business. Many are making 7 to 8-digit income from this dropshipping business model.

The flower is a perishable good, and it has a lot of limitations in terms of delivery and delivery date due to the nature of the occasion and surprizing it should be on time and on-time delivery. A flower can't travel long distances due to weather and freshness issues.

Now is it possible to have flower dropshipping at this time in the world? I found a company called FLORIFY.PH, which company has 20 years of flower delivery expertise and built a platform to offer flower delivery business to anyone in the country. I was lucky to browse and able to talk to their seller and found out it was a tremendous initiative taken by the company.

I believe now it's possible to have flower DROPSHIPPING. Also, I think this model will soon expand to different countries worldwide.