Best Sunflower Wedding Bouquet Ideas: 10 Explanations

Sunflower bouquets may appear like an unusual option if yellow is not one of your wedding colors (or even if it is). People love sunflowers because they are so big and beautiful.

Often, it looks like they'll take over an arrangement or draw attention aside from the wedding. Is it good enough to justify having it to have at your wedding? If you adore the blossoms, it's good to give them another thought. Look at sunflower-themed bouquets from real weddings to get some ideas even when you're unsure.


Here are 10 beautiful explanations of sunflower bouquets to help you think of your own:

1. Be Bold

In this case, you can't go wrong by combining bright yellow sunflowers with jewel-toned florals. That will make a unique bouquet that no one will ever underestimate.


2. Coordinate Your Look

Embracing sunflowers is a perfectly acceptable practice if they are one of your favorite blossoms. Try to make a concept out of the bouquet's floral colors by using them in headgear or other decors.


3. Think "Tone on Tone"

If you like pleasant, charred orange and yellow colors, you might want to think about getting a sunflower bouquet that fits all of these colors. That is true even if you only have one sunflower. It could still add a big splash of marigold to a bouquet.


4. Keep It Simple

When you want to make your home look ethereal and bohemian, add a sunflower or 2 to a bunch of all other wildflowers. The bouquet should be strung with basic thread rather than ribbon to give it a more natural appearance.


5. Let the Sunflowers Shine

Bright, vibrant blooms aren't for everyone, and that's okay. But still, the prettiest yellow sunflowers can take a glance real and natural in a bouquet if they're combined with true different colors. In general, it's a good idea to add natural shades of white and green to your home.


6. Mix Styles

Even though sunflowers are often associated with a more bohemian aesthetic than a contemporary one, the mixture of a sunflower with a clean look may achieve the perfect balance. 


7. Find Multi-Colored Varieties

For a unique bunch of flowers, multi-colored sunflowers are a good choice. They add only the correct amount of yellow. When we see warm colors with a pink ribbon, we think they look really good together!


8. Pair With Roses

Incorporating the classic elegance of a rose with the more natural vibe of a sunflower may result in a playful, gorgeous juxtaposition for an arrangement that seems completely stable, one of a kind!


9. Select Red Tones

Yes, it's true: Sunflowers can be a vibrant shade of red. Consider using red sunflowers in your arrangement if you're seeking a woodsy scent of red and want splashes of color that seem as natural as foliage in your arrangement.


10. Accent With Pastels

Despite what people think, sunflowers weren't just a flower for summer, even though that's what most individuals consider. That means they can use them to make beautiful bouquets in the early summer, the drop, and sometimes even winter. To make a bouquet for a summertime wedding, use primary colors and greens to control the flower and make it look gentle and stretchy.



Q1: What flowers should you include if you're making a bouquet of sunflowers?

There have been a lot of different types of flowers that work well in bouquets. A looser, more organic front-looking design works much better. Some enormous fluffy "Teddy bears," a gorgeous, tiny sunflower daisy (Helianthus 'Autumn Gold'), and a nicely shaped "Sonja" would be ideal.

Remember that sunflowers are available in a vast spectrum of fall colors, from deep ashes oranges to black consisting of different colors. A combination for a September bride will indeed look great. Add grooving grasslands to the bouquet and facilities to help them grow bigger and light.

That is an excellent time of year to use quaking or Pennisetum or canary or rabbit tail grass, as well as tips and pampas for bigger compositions. Rudbeckia, Craspedia, and rose hips could be added to the very same color scheme for an early winter wedding, with gloomy Cotinus, Smoke Bush, or oak leaves in the background.


Q2: Does utilizing sunflowers in your wedding have any negative consequences?

That is what people say: "Sunflowers can become very bulky, and they often fall over." When you begin organizing the flowers, make sure they have had time to drink and look their best when put together.


Q3: What are the benefits of using sunflowers at weddings? 

Sunflowers make us think of warm, bright sectors in the Philippines, long sunny summer days, and a comfortable, warmer month's wedding. They are the perfect blossom for just that.

They are great for weddings in the countryside, in tents, or barns, because they are a big-headed, cost-efficient flower which can be used with a considerable amount of work, beautiful naturalism flowing arrangements that have a big impact right away.