Ways To Preserve Your Flowers

In many cases, a flower is more than just a flower. It can be a reminder of a time or a place that you wouldn't want to forget about.

It was your birthday. Did you get a flower or a bunch of flowers? Probably you got married and would like to keep your wedding bouquet. Or, maybe you have a good amount of roses in your garden, and you don't want them to dry out and die when the winter comes around. You can use many ways to preserve your flowers alive for a long time. I'll show you how to do that in this article.


Top 6 ways to preserve your flowers

1. Press the Flowers

Choose how many flowers you want to press for your wedding bouquet or even the whole thing, as shown here. Spread them out on wax paper so they will be easy to lift when you're done. You should arrange them the way you like now because when they're dried and put in a press, you can't change them.

Then, put the wax paper with the flowers inside the books that are very bulky, like a telephone directory or a math book. Consider it down with a flower pot or more journals, then. That also works if you would not have a book that's heavy enough. You can put heavy overriding consideration of the wax paper-flower sandwich. Abandon it for 7 to 10 days to dry. When the wedding flowers are plain and dry, you can organize and frame them in any way you want.


2. Silica Gel

If you want to see results quickly, you can improve the processing time. That will help you get them faster. It's true, though, that these methods make you pay closer attention to the plants. Sometimes, you could dry them too long, making them delicate and easy to break.

Cover your flowers with a moisture-absorbing desiccant such as silica gel, which is thought of as silicon dioxide, which would be a big part of sand. That will speed up the process of air-drying. Because silica gel is pricey, you could always repurpose it. You'll need an air-tight container with a flat bottom, like a glass bottle or a part of Tupperware, to keep the gel safe from the air.

It will help if you put some silica gel in the bottom of your container to be about 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick. Ensure that the petals are thoroughly coated with gel by laying down a layer of flowers first and then pouring additional gel on top. Splash the lid back on and consider leaving it for a few days.

They should be checked every two days for up to a few weeks until they feel dry. It's time to get rid of them, clean off any spongy gel, and save the silica, but that is another. You can maintain utilization till it turns pink, which means it can no longer absorb moisture.


3. Freeze Drying

There are many steps to freezing flowers, but the outcome is beautiful. By freezing the flowers, you can maintain the same glance and color as before, which would be good.

Check the Internet or ask your local florist if they know of any businesses that freeze-dry flowers. They might know of a company that does this or be able to point you in the direction of one. It takes the moisture out of the petals when they are frozen. They look beautiful, vibrant, and timeless. Another good thing about freeze-dried flowers is that they don't lose their scent.

Remember that the blooms will be incredibly delicate in this condition, so be careful while touching them.


4. Encasing the Flower in Epoxy Resin

Make paperweights or decorations with your flowers by delaying them in epoxy resin. That is a good way to keep your flowers. Using this technique, you should think about what kind of mold cavity you want to use. Your flowers will be enclosed in resin and take a glance like a mold, so pick one that you assume looks best. Most people use a simple spherical mold to make their ice cream cones.


5. Dry Flowers Upside Down

That is another way to keep your wedding bouquet safe. You can let it air-dry to keep it from getting moldy. Make sure to unwrap the bouquet and cut away any tape or links you used to wrap it. Instead of putting the bouquet together, Morrow implies going to hang the stalks one by one because each one has the best condition that they can.

Then, hang them inside out in a dry, warm place, like a closet in the hall. Allow the flowers to air dry for a week or more in chilly weather.


6. Wax the Flowers

Wax flowers are not a long-term method of keeping your flowers. They can maintain your flowers alive for up to six months and keep their original dignity and color. You won't determine the real flowers from the wax-dipped ones unless you touch them.

If you want to keep your bouquet in wax, you'll require paraffin wax and a saucepan. In a saucepan, dissolve the wax until it turns into a smooth, even liquid. Turn the stove down to make the wax mixture cooler but still warm.



Q: Is it possible to cover dried roses with a "transparent coat"?

I do not know the solution to this topic, but you could absolutely test it on a sample and then see how it appears before deciding.

Q: Exactly how long can a flower retain its vibrant hue?

In general, pressed flowers can retain their original color for a very long period, although ultimately, they will fade (typically after 5-7 years on average). Some people may start to fade more quickly, whereas others seem longer.

Q: Why do preserved roses cost so much?

Preserved flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers for a variety of reasons. Preserving flowers is a time-consuming and costly procedure that requires the use of high-grade non-toxic chemicals that are intended for use in cosmetics. To make sure that preserved flowers fulfill very strict quality assurance benchmarks.