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Indonesia is well known for its rich cultural traditions, welcoming population, and stunning natural assets, including its breathtaking landscapes, views, flora, and fauna. A country chooses certain types of flowers to represent the characteristics of that country. It is a fact that most countries have their national flower. There are differences between the national flowers of different countries. Likewise, Indonesia has its national flower. According to Presidential Decree Number 4 of the Year 1993, Indonesia has three types of national flowers. These flowers are Arabian Jasmine, Moth Orchid, and Stinking Corpse Lily. The Moon Orchid is one of the longest-blooming flowers. At the same time, Jasminum Sambac represents a girl's beauty and is frequently used in religious and cultural ceremonies, especially in Java and Bali. Rafflesia is renowned for growing the giant individual flower on earth. Each flower is endowed with unique qualities.

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"Famous Flower Festival in Indonesia. Indonesians are very traditional and celebrate many festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular flower festivals is the Colorful and Aromatic TOMOHON INTERNATIONAL FLOWER FESTIVAL, An annual celebration in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, known as the Tomohon International Flowers Festival (TIFF). The Tomohon International Flower Festival hosts numerous tourism-related events. The flower competition is the center of the Tomohon International Flower Festival. On August 8th, there is a parade. Every year, there is a unique theme for the train. By the way, this flower competition is a venue for admiring lovely flowers on themed floats. It also demonstrates how flowers may convey a message of peace to the world. On Tomohon Thanksgiving Day, have fun. The residents' jubilation at The Flowers Festival is unparalleled. There will be cultural events and many exciting acts during the Flowers Festival. Locals will extend kind greetings to all guests. You won't be regarded as strangers but as close friends because you are tourists. Everybody will be joyful on this joyous day. While Tomohon International Flowers Festival is the main attraction in August, there are many other reasons to visit this town. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Mount Lokon. It is located west of town.
Additionally, there are local festivals, which are usually held within a community when something significant happens. Generally, regional festivals celebrate a person who plays an essential role in the area's history and involves the entire region. The biggest festival is the national festival because it's vital for the whole country. "