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Kenya and its Floriculture. Kenya is a huge exporter of roses in Africa. Their main cut of flowers cultivated are Carnations, Alstormeria, Gypsophila, Lilies, Statice, and some summer flowers. Africans love flowers, and they can grow them. Kenya is one of the suppliers in the Dutch auction. Kenya was recorded as the fourth largest flower exporter over Netherlands and Columbia. Kenya’s flowers are sold in over 60 countries, especially in Europe and Japan.
Kenya has good and natural weather conditions for flower cultivation as well as good for investment. Roses for Kenya makes money, and for them, it brought changes as they focused on expanding in Europe and others. Kenyan roses are well known worldwide for their high quality and good technique in growing aside from the climatic conditions that make them highly productive. 
Flower farming is profitable in Kenya, and a survey said that flower exporting for Kenyans increases yearly. Areas of cut flowers with Kenya’s main products are in Lake Naivasha, Mt. Kenya, Nairobi, Thika, Athi River, Kitae, Kericho, and Eastern Kenya. Arabicum is also profitable since it takes just three months to mature then it’s ready to sell. At the same time, Summer Flowers are grown only in summer and can be cultivated in the year in sunshine. The head of Horticulture in Kenya named, Benjamin Tito, said that the flower export of Kenya increased by about a million kilograms compared to the year 2020. You can make money in growing flowers, and you need to have a profitable plan and make them grow healthy and make sure to sell them in the right places like farmers and fundraisers

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List of Flower Farms in Kenya. 

 Aisha Flowers – is a wholesale supplier in Kenya. They are importing to wholesalers, weddings, florists, and supermarkets. You are in good hands because of their wide selection as shipping partners. They have a strong connection in flights, airlines, and cargo to have quality service in terms of logistics. They are known as a grower of roses, hydrangea, lilies, chrysanthemums, and gypsophila. 

Flowers by Joy – are a grower of Eryngium but also sells flower in a bouquet. They have a huge selection of all the floral flowers you need. They are one of the most reliable local flower delivery in Kenya. They can make any gift or arrangement or any occasion memorable. 

Batian Flowers - are well known for producing lovely alstroemeria, roses, and scented roses. They can be proud of how they care about their products. They care about their people and environment; from their office, they can supply the world with the highest quality. They are located on the slope of Mount Kenya, which is why they have incredible flowers. Their passion, knowledge, and determination are their edge over other flower producers. Upendo Flowers is doing the Marketing of Batian, which is Dubai based.


Black Petals- the farm is located in Kiambu Village of Kenya. Plants grow at high elevations and have an advantage as sunlight increases altitude and helps the plants to grow fast. This farm is almost 18.5 hectares committed to cultivating Roses and Gypsophila. They have almost 350 employees practicing healthy agricultural activities dedicated to protecting their environment. They are Kenya's leasing flower growers and exporters. They ensure that the world won't run out of lovely flowers.

Desire Flora – is located in Kijiaro, Kenya. They arranged cultural practices in the greenhouse. They made sure that their production was done timely and effective. They are trained every six months for Pests and Diseases and the procedure of effectively using Pesticides. Their production area can handle 30 hectares. Their flowers are graded, bunched, and cut to grade before being kept for hydration. 

Fontana Farms is a group of farms focused on growing the highest quality of roses. They are four farms in Nakuru and Nanyuki in the region of Kenya. This farm has 140 hectares under the greenhouse. All farms have its technique and unique climatic conditions that allow Fontana to grow a flower from normal to Hybrid roses and have rare colors. They have their propagation across all farms that produce grafted plants. All staffs are skilled and knowledgeable and can embrace new technologies suitable for propagation.They ventured into floriculture in 2004, exported quality roses to global rose markets, and are one of the key players in developing floriculture in Kenya.

Isinya Roses – a specialist rose farm based in Kenya in the small town of Kintengela. They began business in 2001 and became one of Africa's leading exporters of quality roses. The innovation and challenging demands inspire Kenya to improve and innovate new products based on the latest technologies and local expertise. Their products reach many countries, including Europe, Australia, Japan, the USA, and the Middle East.

Imani Flowers: They have nurtured soils and the right climate that helps them develop good and dazzling blooms. The farm is located in the rift valley of Kenya. They produce, market, and sell the freshest cut flowers in many varieties.

Magana Flowers – has experience in flower growing and exporting for over 20 years worldwide. They have 2000 meters above sea level and have a favorable climate for growing the best quality and large head size of roses, richer in color and standard sizes. They market to Russia, Japan, Sweden, Germany, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. They can grow three categories of roses: sprays, intermediates, Hybrids, and other varieties.

Porini Flowers – was established in 2011and can produce premium quality roses. This farm is one of the leading flower farms in Kenya. The only farm in Kenya with a high altitude of 2865 meters above sea level. They can produce only the best, consistent, and premium, long stems and bigger heads roses.

Subati Flowers – a grower and exporter of Spray Roses in Northern Kenya of the Great Rift Valley. They export over 60 million stems in more than twenty countries in one year. They are well-known in the flower industry in Kenya. They have 125 hectares and an altitude of 2,200 above sea level giving exceptional climate and high-quality T-Hybrid Roses.